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Together, We
Can Create A
Safer Delaware.

Coalition For A Safer Delaware is creating alliances and uniting Delawareans to reduce gun-related harm in our state and across the nation. Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence, Inc., our sister organization, works directly to enact, protect, and implement Delaware’s gun safety laws.

With strong gun safety laws, strong community interventions, and robust public education, we can build a safer Delaware – together.

4 Days

Every 4 days, someone is killed with a gun in Delaware

#1 cause

Firearms are the #1 cause of death among children and teens in Delaware

39 shootings

There were 39 fatal shootings in Delaware in 2021 alone


53% of gun deaths in Delaware are suicides


More than 76% of Delaware’s gun homicide victims are black men and boys



Misconceptions about gun violence complicate the path to effective solutions. Coalition For A Safer Delaware works in schools and communities to clear up misconceptions by educating Delawareans about the root causes and impact of gun violence, as well as building alliances to realize long-lasting solutions to the problem. Click below to learn more about the issues we are currently prioritizing to fulfill our mission!

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Gun Violence is a Complex Problem

–and there are no simple solutions. But by implementing evidence-based violence reduction policies, investing in intervention programming, and working in every community to help Delawareans prevent gun violence where they live, we can save lives.