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Our Agenda To Imagine A Safer Delaware


Misconceptions about gun violence complicate the path to effective solutions. Coalition For A Safer Delaware works in schools and communities to clear up misconceptions by educating Delawareans about the root causes and impact of gun violence, as well as building alliances to realize long-lasting solutions to the problem. Click below to learn more about the issues we are currently prioritizing to fulfill our mission!

Reduce Firearm Violence

Firearms should always be stored securely– unloaded, locked, and separate from ammunition. We raise awareness about how easy access to a firearm during a moment of crisis can turn a temporary crisis into a permanent tragedy.

Coalition Building and Education

The Coalition For A Safer Delaware’s mission is to build inform communities about the dangers of gun violence and ways to prevent and reduce it. We understand that gun violence is part of a web of interconnected issues, and that’s why we are building alliances across local, state, and national boundaries to address its root causes. Please join our fight to end gun violence in Delaware and beyond!

Responsible Gun Ownership

Responsible gun owners understand that with rights come responsibilities – and that secure storage and responsible handling is critical to preventing gun violence. We are committed to empowering gun owners and sellers to become leaders in the fight for safe and just communities.

Questions About Gun Violence Or Our Work To Prevent It?

Gun violence is a complex problem and there are no simple solutions. We know this is an emotional topic for many people, so we are more than happy to discuss any questions you have about the issues we care about, the work we are doing, and how you can support it.